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How can Internet Marketing - The Right Way


As far as many businesses in Marbella are concerned the term internet marketing is frequently misunderstood.

It is often considered as something to do with paying for banner advertising, that is far too expensive for too few results or it is something that affiliate marketers do when they want to sell books on the web.

In fact this is far from the truth.

Indeed the real definition of Internet Marketing is the sum total of all the actions that a person takes, using the internet as tool, that result in a desired action being taken.

Or in other words Marketing your product or service using the Internet, whether that is by sending an email, search engine optimising (SEO) your website, paying for pay per click adverting (SEM) or making a post on Facebook (SMO).

In the case of your website for example first of all you need to decide on what the desired action you want your website visitors to take.

Do you want them to call you, to email you, to buy a product or service on your site, to fill out a survey, to visit your business?

The result will depend on the business.

For example in the case of a real estate company marketing luxury villas in Marbella, they would not be trying to sell property off their website, since people do not buy property villas online. There would be no point in having a shopping cart and a buy now button on a property site at all.

Rather the objective of the property website is to generate leads. They want a prospect to find a property that they like and to call them.

If we look at the funnel that brought the visitor to the destination and the factors that influenced his or her decision to make a purchase then we are looking at internet marketing.

The marketing starts with being found—the advertisement, search result, social media or whatever web property that the prospect found out about the business.

It then extends to the website where the prospect feels that this agent is the right one for them. Do they have the right properties, is it a trustworthy agent, do they seem to know what they are talking about?

Then is there an easy method to contact the agent?

Finally, when contact has been made your marketing does not end there. It continues—how do you answer your emails, your email signature, are your replies timely, do you follow up too little or too much, do you have a newsletter…

Simply put if the prospect finally buys from you, everything that you have done that uses the internet to create and facilitate that sale is internet marketing.

So if you are looking for a complete internet marketing solution for your business in Marbella then why not contact us.


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